iP.1's API allows you to connect your websites and applications to mobile operators across the world.

Getting Started

In order to use iP.1's API you need to register in our Web App in order to get your account setup.

After creating an account, log in to our User Portal to access your authentication credentials as explained below.

API Endpoint

The base URL for all our endpints is the following.

All requests must be made using HTTPS.


All endpoints are protected by authentication using HTTP Bearer tokens provided by us. Any account may have several API tokens with different restrictions on allowed IP-addresses etc. These can be accessed, created and edited in our User Portal.


All endpoints which return a collection of documents (batches, messages etc.) have pagination turned on. We use the database style of pagination with start, limit and order as it's parameter names or offset, limit and order by as they are called in MariaDB. By default the start, limit and order are set to 0, 50 and ASC respectively but you may change them to your liking by adding them as query parameters when making your HTTP request like this: ?start=0&limit=200&order=DESC

You'll also receive a Link header which includes pagination information.

Link: <>; rel="next",
<>; rel="last"

This example includes a line break for readability.

Possible rel values are:




The link relation for the requested page of results.


The link relation for the first page of results.


The link relation for the immediate previous page of results.


The link relation for the immediate next page of results.


The link relation for the last page of results.